Frequently asked questions

Do you ship & how fast?

International Shipping We ship to several destinations; from THE USA, CANADA, THE UK, THE CARIBBEAN & JAPAN to name a few. Delivery speed STANDARD: 15 EXPRESS: 3-4 business days from shipped date. Shipping speed can vary during holiday periods and covid climate. Orders under 2 lbs will take 20 business days. Free shipping on all orders over $50usd

What currency are prices quoted in?

All prices are quoted in USD

How do I pay?

Currently we use PAYPAL as our trusted payment method. If you don't have a PAYPAL account it's quick and to easy to set one up with your credit/debit card. Most of our customers started out not having a PAYPAL, now they do :)

What if I don't see a product I want?

Feel free to send us a message. It just might be in stock sooner than you think

What if I don't see the country I would like to ship to?

We ship world wide, if you do not see your country of choice, send us message so we can double check on that location.

How quickly do you respond to queries?

We respond within 48 hours if not much sooner. We appreciate your questions.

Can I call someone if I have a problem?

Of course you can. Call / Whatsapp at (876) 504-0023. If we missed your call, feel free to leave an email or whatsapp message to schedule a call back.